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About Ejing, a home stay in Kaohsiung

※※Introduced in Beautiful Kaohsiung by Huang Wenxin, a book on introduction of travel in southern Taiwan※※

※※Introduced in Staying One Night in the Countryside, a book on introduction of travel at home stays in Taiwan※※

※※Published in Food and Travel Players, a biweekly on introduction of travels for parents and children in southern Taiwan※※

In the past decade, I have been working in different fields and most of the time engaged in customer service and relation maintenance. As a Sagittarius, I love freedom from restraints. I have been dreaming of having my own business. Under certain circumstances, I started from staying at Ejing home stay where I slowly fulfilled my dream. Lots of friends asked me the same thing: “did you study design?”

Of course not! If not with a sharp eye as a professional interior designer does, I worked hard on building Ejing where you can experience my dedication. Without the splendor of a five-star hotel, Ejing boasts unique cordiality. We treat each of the travelers with our professionalism and sincerity. Feel what I say when you stay in Ejing. I never forget friends once staying in Ejing in Kaohsiung! Travelling alone or with your beloved, come and catch the youth regardless of your vehicles—motorcycles, train or even in-line skates on island-wide trips. We look forward to your visit and Ejing will leave the best memories to you!

We offer day-rental suites in home stay style in urban Kaohsiung. You can look into Kaohsiung Harbor, Xinguang Wharf and the street views. This is a place for you to have a peaceful mind. Why the name Ejing (“prospect” in Chinese)? We want you to feel the prospects after staying here. I like to travel and have stayed in different home stays in Taiwan. I am convinced that travelers in Taiwan are full of bliss. Mature development of home stays always greatly surprise me!

I realize that home stay can be full of fun and feel the sincerity of home stay owners. I like the cordiality and have wanted to build a place of my own in the hill to live a life free from restraints in the world and make friends with travelers. By now, the dream still seems far away. Now, I have a place to build my dream in urban Kaohsiung and I hope travelers feel my attentiveness and the warmth like at home to love Ejing.

What does Ejing offer?

※All suites are individual and face sea views.※

※Room facilities※

Special brand new independent barrel bed and sofa, eiderdown blanket and bedding and pillow set (in the same level as at hotels)

32” LCD TV/cable TV /wireless network facility

MP3 / DVD player / CD / USB audio equipment

Independent air conditioner /electric fan /mini refrigerator

Microwave oven /electric teakettle

Hair dryer /high-leg chairs at the balcony

Bathtub and showering facility

※Room articles※

Disposable paper slippers

Towels /washcloth

Two bottles of mineral water

Tenren teabags /Mocha coffee bags /snacks

※Cleaning articles※

Shanshacaiyao disposable cleaning articles for hotels in absolute sanitation

Toothbrush (including toothpaste), shampoo, bathing cream, lotion, razor, comb, bathing hat, cleaning bag (cotton swabs, dental floss stick) plus a free bag for hot bath


24-hour security management; sensor card for elevators


Ejing is in urban Kaohsiung and two-minute walk from Sando Business Circle Station of KRTC. It is close to Sogo Department Store, Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Far Eastern Department Store (Vieshow Cinema and Eslite Bookstore), Shinkong Wharf, and Tuntex Sky Tower and full of convenience.

※Reasonable price※

At the half tariff of traditional hotels, you can enjoy brand new facilities and level.

Ejing offers 9 exotic styles of suites in different experiences!

Each suite faces sea views and has an indecent to enjoy the views of Kaohsiung Harbor.

English LoverThe old-style fireplace in English style brings the romance for lovers.

Siam LoveSoutheast Asian + Indian styles in handmade old cloth and woodcarving with mysterious orange red series.

Heart of OceanThe first unique Greek style hand wall paintings enables you to own everything.

Forest of LavenderPurplish white design on lavender door hand painting offers unlimited fantasies

Countryside CornerThose fond of grocery must try this British countryside style.

Green Light WaterfrontThe fresh green series with white oak decoration is for you who like simplicity.

Maple ValleyThe maple leaves make you feel like being abroad. In the night, you feel surprised at the Milky Way starry sky design.

Pink LadyMixture of red and white in most dazzling design is for the travelers fond of fashion.

City in HeavenThe two rooms and one living room has a 270-degree view room for gatherings of families and classmates.

Room Tariff



English Lover

One large bed

Heart of Ocean

One large bed

Siam Love

One large bed

Forest of Lavender

One large bed

Countryside Corner

One large bed

Maple Valley

One large bed

Green Light Waterfront

One large bed

Pink Lady

One large bed

City in Heaven
(2 rooms and 1 living room)

2 independent rooms
2 large beds

Check-in time is from 4 p.m. through 7 p.m. (for later check-in, please call.)

‧You can place your luggage at the home stay if you check in before 4 p.m. (call first)

‧Check-out time is by 12 p.m. (Please call first to collect your key.)

‧Please bring you ID card or driver’s license (passport for foreign travelers) for registration.

‧Regular days: Sunday through Thursday

‧Holidays: Friday and Saturday

‧Major holidays: national holidays, eve of running holidays

‧Special holidays: summer holidays, running holidays, New Year even, Christmas, Valentine Day, Chinese New Year holidays…

Price is subject to change.

‧No breakfast is included in current room tariff; we offer delivered breakfast.

Extra beds: we can provide mattresses or sofa bed.

‧NTD300 per each extra person in double rooms (NTD 200 for children under 12)/

  • City in Heaven: NTD300 per each extra person on regular days or NTD350 on holidays

City in Heaven not available for two persons on holidays

The tariff includes bedding and pillow and cleaning articles.

‧Please check announcement at the home stay in case of change of definition of regular days and holidays.

‧Extended stay: NTD100 discount from the 2nd night on (suitable for short-term business trip/business stay at fair price, receipts available; tax required on triplicate invoices) Call for details.

‧Please specify number of staying guests when making reservation for us to provide comprehensive service (we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and confiscate deposit in case of falsified number of staying guests.)


Reservation cancellation/change of date

Deposit will not be refunded in case of lack of prior notification or cancellation of reservation without causes.

100% of deposit will be deducted for reservation cancelled 3 days ahead of accommodation date

50% of deposit will be deducted for reservation cancelled 7 days ahead of accommodation date

20% of deposit will be deducted for reservation cancelled 8-15 days ahead of accommodation date or to extension of reservation for 3


0% of deposit will be deducted for reservation cancelled 15 days ahead of accommodation date

Service charge will be deducted on refunded deposit.

  • Special conditions:

In case of force majeure such as typhoon or earthquake on the day of accommodation (subject to the announcement of local city/county government), full deposit will be refunded or reservation can be extended.


Ejing address: No. 21, Xinguang Road, Qianzhen District Kaohsiung

※By THSR, train and buses: take KRTC at the train station: to Xiaogang (Red Line), leave from No. 2 Exit of Sando Business Circle Station. Cross the road and go through the park. You can see a red building. Walk along the arcade to Family Mart. Voila!

※By airplane: take Red Line heading to Gangshan and leave from No. 2 Exit of Sando Business Circle Station. Walk along the arcade to Family Mart. Voila!

※By car: leave at the end of Zhongshan Intersection of National Highway No. 1. Turn right to Zhongshan 4th Road and drive for around 8 minutes to Xinguang Road. Turn left to Ejing.

※By motorcycle: if you come from Kaohsiung Station direction, ride along Zhongshan Road to urban Kaohsiung for 10 minutes to reach Sando Business Circle. Turn right to Xinguang Road.

  • We offer parking space under management of security 24-hour a day at NTD 150/day (unlimited access).


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